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Read About Jet Tila- Copper Chef Titan PanRead About Jet Tila- Copper Chef Titan Pan

 About Jet Tila

Chef of the moment Jet Tila is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, Iron Chef, and Le Cordon Bleu graduate. Now, Chef Jet has teamed up with Copper Chef, the best-selling American cookware brand, to reinvent cookware forever!


The result is the truly innovative Copper Chef Titan Pan, a professional-quality pan built to perform better than any pan Chef Jet has ever cooked with. Chef Jet designed the Copper Chef Titan Pan with ultimate versatility in mind: He’s combined the nonstick performance of a ceramic pan with the incredible searing abilities of a traditional stainless pan. Every Copper Chef Titan Pan features Japanese-engineered nonstick coating and triple-layer construction for faster heat conduction, even heating, and high heat retention. Built to meet the finest standards of craftsmanship, Copper Chef Titan Pans bring every at-home chef the same level of quality and durability required to endure the wear and tear of a professional restaurant kitchen.


In addition to his Copper Chef Titan Pans, Chef Jet is well known for his amazing recipes, including his wildly popular Drunken Noodles recipe, and for his numerous TV appearances on shows like “No Reservations,” “Chopped,” “Cutthroat Kitchen,” “Beat Bobby Flay,” “Guy’s Grocery Games,” “Iron Chef America,” and “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”


Chef Jet was born into the “first Thai food family” in Los Angeles, where his parents established the first Thai restaurants and markets in the United States. He currently serves as a culinary ambassador for Thailand appointed by the Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles.

Chef Jet and his wife, Alison Tila, live with their children in Los Angeles.