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15" Perfect Pizza & Crisper Pan

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Large-Size 4-in-1 Set makes super crunchy, extra crispy thin crust, stuffed crust, regular crust, Chicago-style deep dish, and more— right at home. Air Crisp Technology allows heat to circulate around all 360° of your pizza crust and favorite fried foods. You get an even, all-over crisp with no oil required!

Free Shipping Sitewide!

Spend $100 & Get a Free Copper Chef Cookbook!

15” Double-Sided Pizza Pan
Pizza/Crisper Screen
Springform Wall
Eric’s Meal Guide

  • Copper-Tech Non-Stick Coating
  • Crisping Screen Turns Your Oven Into An Air Fryer
  • Springform Wall Has Extra-Deep Sides
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Dishwasher Safe


Perfect Pizza & Crisper Pan Manual

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1. How do I assemble the Copper Chef Perfect Pizza & Crisper Pan?
The Copper Chef Perfect Pizza & Crisper Pan has three parts: a double-sided Pizza Pan, a Crisping Screen, and a Spring Form Wall. Simply flip the Pizza Pan over to go from thin to regular crust. The Crisping Screen sits on top of the Pizza Pan. For deep dish pizza, just fasten the Spring Form Wall around the Pizza Pan. To transform your oven into an airfryer, simply sit the Crisping Screen on top of the Pizza Pan after you have secured the Spring Form Wall.

2. What are the dimensions of the Pizza & Crisper Pan?
The Pizza & Crisper Pan measures 15” in diameter.

3. Is the Pizza & Crisper Pan oven-safe?
Yes, the Pizza & Crisper Pan is oven-safe up to 850° F.

4. What can I make in the Pizza & Crisper Pan?
Unlike ordinary pizza pans, the Pizza & Crisper Pan is designed to make all types of pizza from super thin crust to extra cheesy deep dish. Use the Crisping Screen to transform the Pan into an air fryer for your oven. Make crisp, piping hot French fries, golden brown mozzarella sticks & more!

5. Do I need to use any butter or oil?
The Pizza & Crisper Pan is designed with Premium-Quality Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Coating. There’s no need to add any extra butter, grease, or oil. For added flavor, you may season the surface with natural oils such as olive, canola, or peanut oil.

6. When making fried food with my Crisping Screen, do I need to turn or flip my food?
The Pizza & Crisper Pan’s Crisping Screen allows heat to circulate and penetrate all sides of your food at the same time. It cooks all 360° of your food evenly on all sides. There’s no turning and no burning.

7. Can I cut food while it’s on the Pizza Pan or Crisping Screen?
Do not attempt to cut food before you have removed it from any of the Pizza & Crisper Pan’s components. Always remove your meals before cutting or slicing.

8. What kind of utensils should I use with my Pizza & Crisper Pan?
We recommend you use only nonmetallic utensils made of wood, plastic, silicone, or bamboo.

9. Is there a coating on the Pizza & Crisper Pan that burns off at first use?
No. As with all cookware, remember to wash with nonabrasive soap before first use.

10. Is the Pizza & Crisper Pan actual copper? Will the coating peel?
The Pizza & Crisper Pan is made of aluminum and copper-colored Restaurant-Grade Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Coating that will not chip or peel.

11. Does the Pizza & Crisper Pan contain PTFE or PFOA?
Absolutely not. The Pizza & Crisper Pan is PTFE & PFOA free.

12. How do I store my Pizza & Crisper Pan?
We do not recommend stacking any of the Pizza & Crisper Pan’s components with other cookware. Use a soft cloth for surface protection if you must store with other pans.

13. How do I clean my Pizza & Crisper Pan?
We recommend you clean all components of the Pizza & Crisper Pan by hand with water, a mild soap or cleanser, and a soft, nonmetallic scrubber, sponge, or bristle brush. Or, you may use the dishwasher.

14. Do I need to polish my Pizza & Crisper Pan like traditional copper cookware?
No. The Pizza & Crisper Pan is coated with Restaurant-Grade Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Coating. It will not oxidize or tarnish like traditional copper pans that need frequent polishing.

15. Are there any special safety precautions I should follow?
The Pizza & Crisper Pan becomes hot in the oven; always remember to use potholders or oven mitts with any of its components. When removing from the oven, divert your face and body away from the Pizza & Crisper Pan as hot steam may result.

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