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5 Uses for Your Muffin Tins That Don’t Include Making Muffins

5 Uses for Your Muffin Tins That Don’t Include Making Muffins

5 Uses for Your Muffin Tins That Don’t Include Making Muffins

Most people buy muffin tins to make muffins or similar baked goods, but there’s so many different ways to use muffin pans that don’t involve making muffins. Here are just a few of the ways you can really maximize the value of your muffin pans.

Mini Tortilla Bowls

Some of the best ways to use your muffin pans actually involve flipping the pan over and cooking food on the underside of the pan. You can use the bottom sides of the muffin cups to make all kinds of tasty treats, like mini tortilla bowls. 

There’s a couple of ways to make mini tortilla bowls with your muffin pans. The first method involves wrapping your tortillas around the bottom sides of the cups of the muffin tin. You can crimp the edges of the tortilla to shape the bowl. This method usually results in a rounder bowl. 

The second method involves using the underside of the muffin cups to curve the edges of your tortilla bowl. Lay the tortilla at an intersection of four cups and then bake in the oven to harden. This method gives you a curvier tortilla bowl than the first method.

Which method you choose depends on your personal taste (and possibly the shape of your muffin cups). Either way, these tortilla bowls are great for serving tacos, salads, appetizers, and more!

Cookie Bowls—The Perfect Complement to Your Dessert

Another use for a flipped-over muffin pan is cookie bowls. Simply cover the bottom side of the pan’s muffin cups in cookie dough and bake in the oven. The result is delicious and fancy-looking serving bowls made out of cookies. 

You can use these bowls with a variety of dishes, but the most obvious complement to these bowls is ice cream. Try out different cookie flavors to see which cookie pairs best with your favorite dessert!

Freeze Soup—Great for Portion Control!

Soup can be a great, healthy meal, and if you’re trying to eat healthy, you’re probably practicing portion control. Muffin tins can be a great way to portion out any leftover soup you’re planning to freeze. Simply divide your soup between the muffin cups and place the whole muffin pan in the freezer. This will give you a number of perfectly portioned servings of soup for later. Plus, you can make larger batches of soup and freeze any leftovers to save time cooking during the week.

Giant Ice Cubes

Speaking of using your muffin pan in the freezer, the party planners among us can also use their muffin pans to make giant ice cubes. These ice cubes are great for parties; drop them in pitchers of iced tea or other drinks. The larger size of these ice cubes also lets you mix them with other food, like fruits, to make your party even more colorful. If you’ve got different muffin pans, you can even mix and match the shape and size of the ice cubes.

Organize Your Tools

Some of the best uses for muffin pans don’t even involve food. You can take an old muffin tin and turn it into a tool organizer. Use the muffin cups to organize and store tools like screws, nails, and more. Or, you can bring your muffin pan to the office and use it to organize things that usually get scattered everywhere, like paper clips or staples. Some muffin pans might even fit in your desk drawers!

As you can see, muffin pans aren’t just for muffins. And these five uses for muffin pans are only the start. There are tons of other ways you can use your muffin tins. Get creative and see what you can think up!

April 25, 2018