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Copper Chef Blog - Copper Chef Shares Recipes that Emphasize the Central F’s of Thanksgiving: Food and Family |

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Copper Chef Shares Recipes that Emphasize the Central F’s of Thanksgiving: Food and Family
November 20, 2017 939 Views No comments

Who doesn’t love autumn? From the crisp cool in the air to the gorgeous array of colored leaves falling from the trees, this time of year is a favorite for many people. Autumn isn’t just an ideal time of year because of the great fashion and beautiful colors. This is the season that places an emphasis on family and food.

As the weather outside gets cooler, it’s time to warm up our souls with the love of our family and fill up our stomachs with some great food. At Copper Chef, creating recipes that draw families to the dinner table is something we take great pride in. This time of year, with Thanksgiving, is no different.

There’s no greater harbinger of autumn than Thanksgiving. Pretty soon, our homes will be packed with loved ones, joyous noises, and great smells emitting from the kitchen. Whether it’s family members you see every day or once a year, everyone is here to gather around the dining room table over food, family, and fun.

Here, at Copper Chef, we know how diverse the taste buds of your guests can be. Some prefer pumpkin pie while others prefer sweet potato pie. Some prefer whole cranberry sauce while others prefer canned. And no one seems to agree on green bean casserole. Everyone is different, but family nonetheless. That’s why, for this year’s Thanksgiving post, we made it a point to share a variety of dishes you can easily make in your copper pot that can make even the pickiest member of your family clean their entire Thanksgiving plate. So, break out your copper cookware and let’s gets started.

Stuffed Turkey Breast with Pan Sauce
If you want to try something a little different this year, do away with the full turkey and consider cooking turkey breast portions instead. This is a great way to minimize wasted leftover turkey, while ensuing that the traditional Thanksgiving turkey still makes an appearance. Once you try making Thanksgiving turkey this way in your nonstick pan, we doubt you’ll go back to cooking full birds every year.

Stuffed Golden Acorn Squash
When it comes to unique-yet-pleasant recipes that bring the family together, this stuffed acorn squash is truly one of those recipes you should keep in your back pocket. Squash is such a great autumn vegetable, that when combined with chicken broth, mirepoix, and stuffing, makes for one enjoyable and satisfying dish.

Pesto Green Beans
Regular green beans can be a bore. A little dash of salt, a pinch of pepper, and voila, green beans that every other home on your block is eating. Make your string beans a cut above the rest with this delicious pesto green bean recipe. Even your children won’t be able to get enough.

Butternut Squash Lasagna
When we said we had something for everyone, we meant it. Being a vegetarian at Thanksgiving has proven to be difficult for many people, as they are stuck eating the not-so-filling sides. Let your vegetarian guests know they are welcomed with a main dish that will please their pallet. With this unique take on the classic lasagna, this butternut squash recipe will soon be the new star of the show. Don’t be surprised if they ask you for the recipe or to make it for every holiday occasion.

These recipes are as quick as they are delicious. You won’t have to spend all day in the kitchen while your family is elsewhere having fun. From our kitchen to yours, we hope you enjoy these recipes and have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends!