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Copper Chef Blog - Copper Chef: The Only Pan Left in my Kitchen Cabinet |

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April 1, 2016 106 Views No comments

Hello! I’m Eric Theiss. This spring, I’m organizing my kitchen, and I’m keeping only the best cookware. That means only the highest quality, most essential nonstick pots. My cluttered cabinets are a thing of the past.

Have you noticed lately how many nonstick frying pans are on the market? Having the best nonstick cookware is essential for any kitchen. Especially for someone who cooks homemade family meals as much as I do.

Why? There’s nothing better than a delicious omelet that slides right out of the pan. And clean-up? It’s practically a thing of the past when you’re using some of the best pots and pans for cooking. I don’t have to soak or scrub anymore, even if food accidentally burns in the pan. It only takes a few seconds.

Have you ever cooked an amazing meal for your family only to face the disaster area in your kitchen afterward? That used to be me, every single night.

But since I’ve been using sauce pans like the Copper Chef non-stick pan, I’m finally free of scrubbing, soaking & scraping. Forever!

All of the gorgeous Copper Chef pans are coated with a triple layer of advanced, nonstick Cerami-Tech ceramic coating.

What does that mean? Fried eggs slide right out of the pan & sugary candy easily wipes away like it was never there. The other pans advertise they’re non-stick but do not have the triple layer ceramic or Cerami-Tech cooking technology.

I never have to overload on oil or butter to make sure the food I’m cooking won’t stick. Doing this not only adds tons of extra fat and calories, but it can throw off an amazing recipe.

And let me tell you, I’ve cooked so many mouthwatering meals in my Copper Chef pan. Stews, steaks, pastas, casserole—I even bake with it.

So it’s very important for me to have a pan with professional, chef-grade nonstick technology I can use every day on the stovetop andin the oven.

One of the most amazing things about using only the best cookware? I just rinse out the CopperChef pan with some gentle soap and I’m finished. Or I stick it right in the dishwasher.

Because there’s never anything left behind on my Copper Chef pan, no matter what I cook in it. I’ll never strain or scrub or soak again. The kitchen nightmare is finally over!

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