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Creating Culinary Pizza Masterpieces for Your Next Party with Copper Chef

Creating Culinary Pizza Masterpieces for Your Next Party with Copper Chef

Creating Culinary Pizza Masterpieces for Your Next Party with Copper Chef

It’s a tradition that you and your friends have; entertaining at one person’s house a month. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, it’s just a way for you and your friends to hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Well, the day has come and it’s finally your turn to play the perfect party host. You’re so used to planning kid’s parties that the idea of planning an adult party just simply eludes you. We’re sure your guests would get a kick out of Disney decorations, but let’s step it up a little. What if you could combine the fun-loving nature of a kid’s party with the simple refinement of an adult party? Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s possible. Have you considered throwing a pizza party?

When you first hear pizza party, you probably have visions of gold tokens, costumed mascots, and cheap, cardboard tasting pizza. Or maybe you think of simply ordering from your local pizza place and calling it a day. Not a chance. The pizza party we’re talking about combines the fun of making your own pizza with the enjoyment of eating the fruits of your labor. The entire process is easy and in fact, pizza is one of the only foods that everyone is able to agree upon, though the argument of toppings is an entirely different thing. With help from your Copper Chef, you can throw a “Make Your Own Pizza” Party that your adult friends are sure to enjoy.

One of the most important aspects of throwing a “Make Your Own Pizza” Party is the toppings. As stated before, agreeing on a pizza topping is enough to throw your party into a tailspin. Instead of simply one pizza topping, consider providing a variety of toppings. The more creative the pizza is, the better the variety. For example, the Copper Chef Loaded Baked Potato Pizza is so unique; it makes for a great addition to your typical pizzas such as pepperoni and plain. Be sure to have your pizza toppings selected and prepped ahead of time to make the entire process easier on you and your guests.

For a more entertaining twist, you can create a themed pizza party as well. Some of the major cities have their own style and method of making pizza. The way New Yorkers make pizza is different than how people in Chicago make their pizza. Of course, the way we make pizza in the United States is different than Italy and even Argentina. Copper Chef has recipes for both New York Thin Crust and a Chicago Style Deep Dish to add to your “Taste of the World” themed pizza party.

In order to throw the perfect “Make Your Own Pizza” Party, all you really need is an imagination, an appetite, and your Copper Chef pan. Copper Chef makes it easy to create pizzas from personal pan to family-sized. The variety of sizes, heat conduction, and the Cerami-Tech nonstick coating makes the whole process simple, from start to finish.

The “Make Your Own Pizza” party is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for your next event. For additional ideas, you can review Copper Chef’s other pizza recipes and more on their site.

February 25, 2018