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Prep, Cook & Serve for Halloween & Harvest— All in 1 Copper Chef

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Prep, Cook & Serve for Halloween & Harvest— All in 1 Copper Chef
October 18, 2016 19 Views No comments

Copper Chef for Stress-Free Holiday Cooking

Hey, it’s Eric Theiss. The holidays are approaching. And between my job and my family, I’m busier than ever. But I’m not stressed out.

Since I got my Copper Chef, I’ve cleaned out most of the pots and pans that cluttered my kitchen cabinets. It does the job of so many other different pans and tools.

I use it as a stock pot, rice cooker, frying pan, roasting pan, wok, and baking dish. Plus, the square design means it holds up to 25% more food. Most of the time, it’s the only pan I need.

More Time Outside of the Kitchen

One of the best things about Copper Chef is that it makes life easy. Why? It’s designed with a professional nonstick coating called Cerami-Tech. Let me tell you, nothing sticks to this pan. Eggs and pancakes lift out effortlessly. I can get a nice sear on a piece of salmon or steak without losing half of it.

After dinner’s over, there’s no soaking, scraping or scrubbing with this pan. I just rinse it out or stick it in the dishwasher.

Plus, I feel so much better about the meals I’m feeding my family. Because I never need to add any extra oil or butter. With Copper Chef, I don’t have to.

Fall’s Favorite Recipes & Halloween Treats

At my house, Halloween marks the official beginning of the holiday season. To celebrate, I’ve written some fast, fantastic Halloween & football party recipes for all of you— available today on our website.

The recipes I’ve created in the Copper Chef deep-dish square pan & Copper Chef square frying pan have just a few easy steps—and no unnecessary fat. Plus, they’ve all been tested by me for the Copper Chef pan. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip: The Copped Chef Cerami-Tech coating is heat proof up to 850 degrees. This helps make it easy to cook everyone’s favorite Buffalo Dip to perfection— even at the last minute! Go from oven to table in just 25 minutes & watch your guests go wild.

Pumpkin Buns: Transform rich pecans, pumpkin & maple into an easy breakfast or decadent dessert—all in 1 Copper Chef frying pan! The built-in induction plate gives you professional baking results with no hot spots!

Stuffed Golden Acorn Squash: Fall-favorite stuffed acorns are a perfect fit for Copper Chef—the square design gives you up to 25% more cooking space!

Eric Theiss & the team at Copper Chef!

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