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Summer Seafood Made Easy with CopperChef
June 30, 2017 117 Views No comments

There are many things to love about summer – warm weather, longer days, fewer obligations with school out and vacation season in full swing. How about beach trips, baseball games, picnics and hours spent lounging by the pool?

It just wouldn’t be summer for many areas of the country without farm fresh foods, seasonal produce and the abundance of fresh seafood. If you’re lucky enough to live near either coast, summer can mean heading outdoors on a fishing trip, or enjoying the timeless family pleasures of crabbing off the docks at your favorite beach or digging for clams. While crabs and clams may be available year round, they are more abundant in summer and lend themselves to all sorts of delicious, summary main courses. The good news is, they are low in calories and high in proteins and nutrients, as well.

A clam bake is one of those one-pot meals that everyone in the family can enjoy picnic style, weather you’re vacationing at a beach house or lakeside retreat, or simply enjoying a night out on your deck. Even better, a true feast, complete with sides of corn, chorizo and baby red potatoes, can be cooked up quickly, in about 30 minutes. So if the weekend weather was rainy and you’re feeling gypped because it always seems to be sunnier during the week – well, we’ve got you covered in either case.

When rain puts a damper on your picnic, your Copper Chef XL allows you to continue the party indoors with the following simple recipe. We suggest putting down some blankets on the living room floor, turning off the TV and employing some nice, relaxing ocean sounds to help with the ambience. You’ll create memories indoors and the kids will love it! Likewise, if you want to hold an impromptu picnic to take advantage of a beautiful weeknight, just whip this up and have the kids get the table set outside for a fun, weeknight picnic!

You’ll need the following for your clam bake:

1 teaspoon  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2    links chorizo
1    medium yellow onion
1  pound  baby red potatoes
30    mussels
15    littleneck clams
1    bottle lager beer
Parsley and lemon for garnish

Place your Copper Chef pan on medium heat for 1 minute. Next, add the oil, chorizo and onion, and cook for about 3-4 minutes. Then, add in the red potatoes, mussels and clams. Lastly, pour in the beer, and stir to combine everything. Cover and cook for 15-20 minutes until all the shellfish have opened up. When all the shellfish have opened (discard any that do not open), garnish with parsley, and squeeze a lemon wedge over everything.

Serve with your favorite summertime beverages, and enjoy! For even more summer flair, see our S’mores Cake recipe that’s also very easy to make in your Coper Chef pan, and you’ll have a full-on summertime feast that your family will love!

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