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Taking The Guesswork out of Dinner Time with Simple Meal Prepping for the Family

Taking The Guesswork out of Dinner Time with Simple Meal Prepping for the Family

Taking The Guesswork out of Dinner Time with Simple Meal Prepping for the Family

There’s one major question that rattles through the brains of every parent’s head every single night. Without missing a beat, your children come home from school every day and ask the same question.

“What’s for dinner?”

Typically, one of two reactions occurs. You either have a set meal in mind that you are in the process of cooking or you completely have no idea what to make and have resorted to your handy dandy take out menu drawer for the third night in a row. For many families, a variation of the latter option is how most of their nights go. While this may be your easiest option, it’s by no means the best or the healthiest option available. Instead of scrambling for dinner ideas every single day, have you considered meal prepping?

Imagine a world where you only have to do a major load of dishes once a week. Now, stop imagining because that world exists. That’s a benefit of the world of meal prepping. Meal prepping is a simple system, though most times people tend to overthink the process. It’s simply planning, prepping, and cooking your meals in advance. What a novel idea! Instead of scrambling around and stressing yourself out every single day over what to eat, you can create a menu ahead of time and prep and cook accordingly.

A good prep and cookware set can go a long way in ensuring your meals are properly cooked and proportioned. The problem that many people face when trying to meal prep is not having enough pot and pans or even the right sizes in their inventory.  With simple meal prepping, you’ll be making a lot of food at one time. That’s why it is important to have XL sized cookware sets and pans.

For example, Copper Chef has a highly favored XL Copper Pan that makes cooking for an entire family easier than ever. The great thing with Copper Chef is that the product line comes in a variety of sizes and types, so you have a variety of cooking options at your disposal. From the crisper tray to the Copper Chef bakeware set, you have everything you need to properly meal prep from one brand. Having a variety of pots and pans is good for meal prepping as it helps stave off the feeling of eating the same foods over and over. Instead of constantly broiling or baking, you can mix it up with different cooking methods and styles. You have the flexibility to meal prep your way.  Additionally, you’ll need enough storage containers to hold enough food for each meal for every member of your family.

When people think of meal prepping, their minds immediately wander to the bloggers and Instagrammers that dominate the fitness world. However, it can also be a great tool for families to become more organized in their regular lives. From unexpected business meetings that run late into the evening to soccer practice and homework after school, life can get a little hectic. It’s in these moments that we tend to find ourselves at the drive-thru of our go-to fast food restaurant for something quick and easy to eat. With meal prepping, you can easily navigate from your daily activities right into family meal time because everything is already cooked and prepared ahead of time. It’s just a matter of warming up, serving, and enjoying. Think of TV dinners, but 10 times better.

In addition to time saving, there are a number of other benefits that can be attributed to meal prepping. One of which is the cost benefit that is associated with meal prepping. Families that meal prep spend less on groceries. This is due to only buying what you need for the week instead of an excess of food that you may or may not use; which ultimately reduces your family’s food waste levels as well. Additionally, by preparing your meals at home, you are spending considerably less on takeout and delivery, which can add up quickly.

A major benefit that meal prepping has going for it is the health benefits associated with it. When you meal prep, you guarantee that your family is eating a well-balanced, awell-proportioned diet. Instead of relying on school lunches or restaurants to provide you with what you hope are good protein, you can instead take control your family’s diet. Thinking about your menu for the week can ensure that you are able to plan the right amount of proteins, carbs, fruits, and vegetables in every single meal. The trick is to choose recipes that you know can be easily meal prepped and will last. Whether you start small with snacks or jump right into meal prepping your entire life, it’s definitely the healthier route to take for you and your family.

There are a number of great resources available for families who want to start meal prepping. Everything from weekly meal planners to amazing recipes can be found either online or at your local bookstore. Just one look at posts from mommy bloggers and organization experts, and you’ll see that once you start meal prepping, there’s no going back. So, the next time your little one comes home wondering what’s for dinner, you can put your hands on your hips and proudly look into the air like the super hero you are because you already know what the answer is.

February 5, 2018