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Try Copper Pots for a Beautiful Addition to your Kitchen!

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Try Copper Pots for a Beautiful Addition to your Kitchen!
March 21, 2017 37 Views No comments

With the recent cold weather across much of the country, many home chefs are spending time indoors happily preparing satisfying meals for family and friends. Nothing beats a hearty, homemade meal on a cold night, and while the long periods spent indoors may be torture for some, those who count cooking among their hobbies love the excuse to spend hours in the kitchen.

Trying new recipes and cooking for loved ones is always fun, but have you noticed your same old pots and pans are less-than-stellar lately? Are you one of those people who lusts after the latest cookware and would love an upgrade?

If so, you have many options to consider when it comes to materials, colors, shapes, sizes, etc. While stainless steel pots and pans were at the top of everyone’s wish list for many years, more recently, other materials are gaining in popularity. With such a wide variety available, what should you pick?

One popular choice these days is copper. A set of copper pots and pans makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen. They’re extremely functional, but also pretty enough to leave on the stovetop or hang from a pot rack to do double duty as a decorative element in the kitchen.

Copper pots are known for their excellent ability to conduct heat, so food cooks evenly. Unfortunately, though, it can be very expensive for a full set of copper cookware. They are also reactive with some foods, meaning the food can have a metallic taste when cooked in a copper pan. We’ve all also had that experience of having chicken or eggs stick to a metal pan, resulting in a mess that is not fun to clean.

If you love the look of copper, though, fortunately today you can find copper pots and pans available that are lined with ceramic, making them ultra-functional for everyday use while ensuring that no metal taste is imparted to your food and that clean-up will be a breeze. The best part is, they are generally more affordable than pure copper cookware.

A copper pot that is lined with a ceramic, non-stick coating may just be the perfect choice for the serious home chef. There are copper pots on the market in all shapes and sizes. A square, deep-dish pan is a modern choice that provides plenty of room to cook everything from a whole chicken, to several pork chops, to mac and cheese, and even French toast and desserts.

When looking for copper cookware, make sure you invest in a quality piece that can take on many tasks. The best copper pots include non-stick surfaces and have riveted handles that are safe at high oven temperatures. With any quality piece of cookware, multiple layers of construction are your best bet, ensuring that heat is properly conducted, the pan can withstand high stove and oven temperatures, and that heat is retained so food stays warm during meal times – ready for those hungry family members and guests who want second helpings!

Choose a copper pot with the above features, and you will have a quality piece of cookware that looks beautiful, inspires envy in your fellow chefs, and is a pleasure to cook in for years to come.

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