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Perfect Egg Maker Black

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Make perfect eggs every time with just one touch. The two egg racks let you cook 7 eggs on each rack – make soft-, or medium-, or hard-boiled eggs at once! Cook 14 eggs at once or remove the extender wall to cook seven eggs on only one layer. Use the included marked measuring cup to get the perfect amount of water for each meal – you don’t have to deal with the mess of boiling water. The cook-and-look vented dome lets you watch your eggs cook. The automatic shut-off means your eggs are consistently cooked to perfection.

2 Egg Racks and Extender Tray
1 Omelette Tray
1 Poaching Tray
Measuring Cup


  • The Included Pre-Marked Measuring Cup Means You Use The Perfect Amount Of Water To Cook Your Eggs Perfectly Every Time
  • Cook-And-Look Dome Lets You Watch Your Eggs Cook
  • Automatic Shut-Off – Get Consistent Results Every Time

1. How many eggs can I boil in my Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker?
The Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker has enough room to boil 14 eggs at once.

2. Do I have to program the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker to cook the specific type of egg I want?
No. There’s no programming required! Simply fill the Pre-Marked Measuring Cup with water to the line that corresponds with the type of egg you want to make.

3. What type of eggs can I make in my Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker?
You can make perfectly cooked soft-, medium-, and hard-boiled eggs as well as restaurant-style omelets and poached eggs.

4. How do I assemble the Egg Maker for poaching or cooking omelets?
ALWAYS remember to place the Egg Boiling Insert on TOP of the silver colored Heating Element first. Place the Poaching Insert or Omelet Insert on TOP of the Egg Boiling Insert before cooking. NEVER place one of the Poaching or Omelet Insert directly on the Heating Element. Detailed directions are found on page 11 of the Owners Manual.

5. How do I know when my eggs are finished?
The Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker shuts off automatically once your eggs are done cooking.

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