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Perfect Egg Maker

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Make perfect eggs every time with just one touch. The two egg racks let you cook 7 eggs on each rack – make soft-, or medium-, or hard-boiled eggs at once! You can also make 4 perfectly poached eggs or 2 different omelettes at once. Use the included marked measuring cup to get the perfect amount of water for each meal – you don’t have to deal with the mess of boiling water. The cook-and-look vented dome lets you watch your eggs cook. The automatic shut-off means your eggs are consistently cooked to perfection.

2 Egg Racks
1 Omelette Tray
1 Poaching Tray


  • The Included Pre-Marked Measuring Cup Means You Use The Perfect Amount Of Water To Cook Your Eggs Perfectly Every Time
  • Cook-And-Look Dome Lets You Watch Your Eggs Cook
  • Automatic Shut-Off – Get Consistent Results Every Time


Perfect Egg Maker Manual

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