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Copper Crisper

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Transform your oven into an air fryer for evenly cooked, golden-crisp meals without added oils or fat. Heavy-Duty Non-Stick Cookie Sheet catches crumbs, drips & splatters to keep your oven clean. Elevated Non-Stick Mesh Tray allows superheated air to pass through & circulate around all 360° of your food for the perfect crisp & brown all around. Get the crunch & crisp you can’t resist!

Elevated Mesh Tray 12" x 9"
Non-Stick Cookie Sheet 13"x 9.75"

  • Available in Medium & XL Family-Size.
  • Food Cooks Evenly on All Sides.
  • Never Have to Flip Your Food – No Turning. No Burning.
  • No Added Butter or Oil – Fewer Calories & Less Fat.
  • Elevated Mesh Tray is Dishwasher Safe.
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