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2 Copper Chef
Uni-Lid Sets

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Uni-Lid is the universal, stretchable airtight lid that can seal any-size dish, bowl, platter, can, and container instantly. Just pull and seal. Stop throwing out rotten food and searching for the right-size lid.

Eliminate spoiled food and wasted money. Uni-Lid stretches over anything, locking in freshness and locking out air and bacteria.

The adjustable weekly dial lets you set what day you stored food. Best of all, Uni-Lid is stackable, strong enough to hold 15 pounds, and leakproof with any kind of liquid.

Uni-Lid helps keep food safe from freezer burn in the freezer. Clean-up’s a breeze because Uni-Lid is dishwasher safe.

2 3" Round Uni-Lids
2 4" Round Uni-Lids
2 5" Round Uni-Lids
2 7" Round Uni-Lids
2 9" Round Uni-Lids
2 9" Square Uni-Lids


  • Uni-Lid Can Stretch To Fit & Seal Any-Size Container
  • Stop Wasting Money On Spoiled Food
  • Leakproof With Any Kind Of Liquid
  • Works In The Refrigerator Or Freezer
  • Comes With Adjustable Weekly Dial – Keep Track Of When You Stored Food
  • Stackable – Organize Your Food Easily
  • Dishwasher Safe – Clean-Up’s A Breeze
  • Strong Enough To Hold 15 Pounds Of Potatoes
  • Airtight/Non-Spill Seal
  • Eco-Friendly
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